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Hi everyone!! First of all, I know I’ve been so MIA lately…sometimes life just gets in the way! But I have been so excited to start this post since the second we landed back in Orlando from our vacation to New York.

Rafael and I have never been to NY so we knew we had A LOT to squeeze into this short trip. I must say I did love New York but living in Chicago, IL when I was younger has made me realize that Chicago -by far- beat NYC (sorry New Yorkers!).

Anyways, we spent tons of time going to all of the amazing sights that New York has to offer and definitely not as much time as we wanted to spend in the bars, although we did hit a few! So since we’ve never been to the city, landing in the airport was definitely an interesting experience..Rafael and I did fly separately so I landed before him and had to wait in this strange museum-looking area of the airport -AKA Terminal A- (so strange!).

Photo Oct 17, 9 25 51 AM

I literally sat on this bench for 2 1/2 HOURS (watching Shark Tank on my iPad, of course).

SO when Rafael finally got to the city, he landed in another terminal that was a mile or 2 away from me, so he Uber’d and we set off on our first bus & subway adventure! We got the hang of it pretty quick with the help of the bus drivers and finally arrived to our hotel, the Marriott Moxy NYC Times Square hotel. This small boutique hotel was SO cool! It was very hipster-inspired. They also had 5 dining options at the hotel, a roof-top bar and….A SOFT SERVE ICE-CREAM VENDING MACHINE. I didn’t even take a picture because I was so excited to eat it…I hope I find one in Orlando soon! The pictures below are of the lobby, each front desk agent had their own little podium, super cute!

Anyway, when we got to the hotel they were able to check us in like 4 hours early (so awesome) and then we went to one of the restaurants for a quick bite! This was the beautiful bar we ate at:

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Here are some gorgeous shots of the roof-top bar.

*One picture is taken from the Marriott Moxy NYC Times Square Hotel website, it is not mine* 

Photo Oct 17, 10 08 12 PM

Photo Oct 17, 10 08 17 PM

*From The Marriott Website*

After our lunch and after our little tour of our adorable hotel, we set off to walk the city! The weather was in the 40-50s so we actually made a quick stop at the neighborhood Zara and each bought jackets…it was cold for us Floridians! Rafael managed to get some great shots of myself in the city, how lucky am I to have him as a photographer 😉

Photo Oct 17, 2 55 59 PMPhoto Oct 17, 2 55 30 PMPhoto Oct 18, 11 46 34 AMPhoto Oct 17, 2 56 50 PMPhoto Oct 18, 11 46 39 AMPhoto Oct 17, 2 57 35 PM

And I think I managed to get some great shots of him… 🙂

Photo Oct 17, 2 54 41 PMPhoto Oct 17, 4 15 43 PM

While walking around the next morning, we found the cutest little breakfast shop right next door to our hotel! It’s called Egghead and was SO SO SO good. I still dream about this sandwich…

photo-oct-18-11-32-42-am.jpgPhoto Oct 18, 11 24 01 AMPhoto Oct 18, 11 23 35 AM

Photo Oct 18, 11 21 51 AM

They even featured my picture on their Instagram, they have the cutest profile – go check them out at @egghead !


So, for YEARS the #1 stop I have wanted to make when I someday went to New York City was the Grand Central Terminal. Of course, it was everything I could have ever imagined –  I could have stayed there all day admiring the gorgeous ceiling.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Like come on…how breathtaking is that sight?! That was definitely my favorite stop. We also managed to make it to the Brooklyn Bridge, some more iconic buildings, some bars, and the One World Observatory – so check out some of these great shots.

Photo Oct 20, 12 28 54 PM


Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Photo Oct 20, 9 53 37 AM

Photo Oct 20, 9 52 53 AM

Photo Oct 20, 11 18 12 AM

Photo Oct 18, 4 56 28 PM

Photo Oct 18, 5 02 57 PM

Photo Oct 20, 12 07 27 PM

Photo Oct 19, 3 28 56 PM

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Photo Oct 19, 6 35 55 PM

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

We kept seeing the same little juice bar everywhere we went so we decided to check it out and now we know why there are so many of them! It was delicious!

Photo Oct 20, 10 59 20 AM

Photo Oct 20, 11 00 25 AM

The last night we were there we stayed at the Hilton Conrad New York and another area I thought was gorgeous was The Oculus, it was right across the street from the hotel! It’s a HUGE mall and was really fun to walk through to get to the One World Observatory.

Photo Oct 20, 11 02 51 AM

Photo Oct 20, 11 01 38 AM

Photo Oct 20, 11 01 42 AM

One of things Rafael wanted to do was experience a Michelin Star restaurant so he planned that for our second day…there will be a separate post on that so stay tuned for that one! The food definitely deserves a whole other post and the surprise he planned for me does too….all I can say is that I am the luckiest girl on this planet!!

Overall, we really did enjoy New York. We desperately needed a vacation together and it really did come at the perfect time and it was SO nice to spend some time together in a new city. Nothing is better than traveling with your loved ones! Our next stop will most likely be Chicago so let us know if you have any tips or recommendations for us!

Thanks for reading!!!

-XO, Lana

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