Happy Saturday all!

As you know, this blog is only a few months old but has been something I’ve always been interested in doing. While scrolling through Instagram for hours a day, I was always envious of the bloggers that were popping up everywhere! Well, turns out by taking the shot at creating this blog, one of my best friends were pushed out of their comfort zone and wanted to join me. I met Lexi when she started working at the hotel I work at. We’ve always had countless similar interests and when she expressed interest in joining my blog, I couldn’t have been more excited. So, let’s tell you a little bit more about her!


Lexi, like myself, is in her mid-20s trying to live this life to its fullest! She was born and raised in Orlando and graduated from UCF. She is juggling a life of working a full time job, being an absolute BOSS babe, and living the “house wife/step mommy” life when she gets home from her 9-to-5. Her goal is to inspire women like us, whether its through lifestyle tips, fashion recommendations, or living your best life on a budget!

We couldn’t be more excited to show you the lives of Lexi & Lana and we’re looking forward to you joining us!

-XO, Lana


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