Ever in a rush to get out the door but have to look presentable for an important meeting later that day? Well I have some budget friendly options for you that are always my go-to choices!

Finding clothes you feel confident in for work is more important than some may think. Being dressed in something you LOVE can truly affect your demeanor for the day, in turn affecting you success! That is why I always have my go-to outfit when I am in a rush but also need a little confidence booster.

4 pieces – 5 minutes | Life saving outfit

My biggest tip when dressing in a rush for work – MONOCHROMATIC.
My go-to choice?
Keeping it one color makes it simple and easy. You can add a statement piece around that gorgeous neck of yours in ANY color you want in order to pull it all together and add a little “pizazz” (LOL).
In all seriousness though ladies – keep it one color & you will walk out the door calm, classy & confident.

So what am I wearing?




Ralph Lauren

This entire outfit cost me less than $75!!
*Not including my prescription glasses – but link for those frames below too!*

See below for more outfit pics and similar items on sale now!

Similar Items on Sale!
Express Dress $36 | HERE & HERE
Payless Heels $12 | HERE
Francesca’s statement piece $26 | HERE

*My Ralph Lauren Frames that I LOVE & go with everything – these are prescription for me, but you can find them $150 | HERE

I will also note that if I ever want a parted, work appropriate pony tail – I use the spiral scünci hair ties! They lift the hair and make it pop a little more along with eliminating creases if you decide to take your hair down!

You can find those for only $3 | HERE

Between throwing on a simple dress, snazzy heels (keeping with a monochromatic color scheme) & throwing my hair up…my 10-minute morning is a life saver!

A girl should be two things: Classy & Fabulous

– Coco Chanel

How to curl your hair in ten minutes to come on a later post – but if anyone wants any other suggestions for work outfits, routines, hairstyles…let me know!

Until next time | XOXO, Lexi


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