Finding a hidden gem is always a highlight moment in my book. When the company Welly Merck approached me wanting to collaborate, I will be honest…I was skeptical. After digging deeper into the making of their watches and the story behind the company, I fell head over heels!

Pioneer New York | 36 mm
*Use code WMAlexand50 for $50off at checkout*

Founded on the true story of Merck and Welly, lovers who established a timeless identity by facing adversity and overcoming it.

-Welly Merck

A love story that truly never disappoints…

Welly Merck watches are carefully designed and crafted. Their delivery was quick and the packaging was beautiful. I was not expecting so much elegance in the presentation of the timepiece. From the stunning box to the velvet casing that cradled the rose gold perfection…it was truly an experience in itself opening such an accessory.

This piece is lightweight, intricately designed & perfect for any occasion. The clasp at first is a little tricky – but once you get the swing of things, it makes for an unforgettable addition.

The beauty of this company & one reason I love supporting it so much is because of the foundation & story it is built from.

The Welly Merck watch line is for those who choose to make a statement. As a brand, Welly Merck seeks to align with people who, like the founders, never stop striving, never stop working hard, and who face obstacles with determination and class.

-Welly Merck

This so powerfully relates to myself and all us BOSS BABES out there trying to make a statement with our lives.

Get a stunning addition to your wardrobe at WELLY MERCK & use my code at checkout for $50 off!

Stay Classy Babes

XOXO – Lexi


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