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Happy Sunday! I know I was MIA for a while…sometimes life gets in the way šŸ™‚

With all the changes happening in our lives, Raf and I have a lot more free time together. One of the new things we’ve been doing a lot of lately is going to Disney World! Living in Orlando when May is basically the beginning of *opening an oven in your face* season, it is SO important to be comfortable when spending hours in a theme park.

This has to be one of my favorite new outfits that I paired perfectly together for a day in Hollywood Studios (my all-time fav park). OK these shorts…obviously the ‘paper-bag waist’ is one of the biggest trends right now and I definitely know why! I own 5 pairs of shorts and pants in this style (all from Express, of course) because they are amazing!! They are so easy to match with and you can really dress them up or down in any way you please. SALE ALERT: Express is currently having an “Everything Buy 1, Get 1 $19.90” sale. I chose to pair the shorts with a super simple tee from Target and it is on sale for $5 right now!!! How can you beat that?

Usually when we spend the day in Disney, I like to bring a small cross-body bag but I decided to pull out my old Vera Bradley Backpack this time. This bag is the perfect size for your wallet, sunglasses, bottle of water, and some snacks if you choose to bring some! The website is also having a 25% off travel bags sale! Sadly, I don’t think Vera Bradley sells this style bag anymore but this is the closest one I could find. Maybe you can find the exact style at the outlet? If you see it, let me know because I’m dying for a new one!

I am obviously saving the best for last here….THESE. EARS. I could cry real tears. My mom gave these to me as a gift a few weeks ago because she knows how much I love and adore all things Beauty & The Beast. Of course, I am all for the original Disney ears that you can find in the park but what I love even more is having unique ears that you can’t find in every Disney store. These are from a boutique on Etsy called MagicEarsCreationsCo. This woman is SO talented…she has ears from Pandora to The Little Mermaid to Star Wars. The Little Mermaid ones even have a dinglehopper on them!!! I can’t say enough about these ears and I definitely see another purchase in the near future… šŸ™‚

XO, Lana



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